Product Severice

Testing & Inspection.  We provide various material tests & inspections.
Project Management. For complex and extensive projects, we compose project dedicated team to resolve the actual difficulties for the customers.
Emergency Services, All the documents we will do for the archive in case of special circumstances. So if you want, we can offer any time..

Quality control

We will follow all the raw material purchase and quality control job. Before the material enter our factory we will inspect them, then all the production procedure will be check and inspected till we get the quality approved products. We also will extend our quality control till the cargo loading procedure in the mill and at the sea port.

Logistic service & Delivery control

When the cargo ready, we must move the cargo as the client requirement. We can handle from the truck, train, barge, till ocean vessel to ship out cargo to the client.
When we promised our client, we will follow and control all the procedure in the order fulfillment and make sure the cargo was delivery to our client on time.

QDocuments collection

When the client requests all the technical and commercial documents, we have the experience terms to do this job. For example, the technical documents, the packing list, CO, FORM A, FORM E

Our Value